[Album] “The Passover” by Eshon Burgundy out NOW!!! *****


Eshon Burgundy’s third studio LP, The Passover, released today and quickly climbed iTunes’ top-selling hip-hop/rap albums chart.Purchase The Passover on iTunes.


  1. Intro (prod. by Radley Raw)
  2. Bless Ya Name (feat. Th3 Saga) (prod. by J. Rhodan)
  3. What I Prayed For (feat. ABIV) (prod. by Nick Joyal)
  4. Dead Letter (prod. by DreKnowss)
  5. The Great Exchange (Currency) (feat. Jeremiah Bligen) (prod. by Wontel)
  6. Gunz x Rosez (prod. by Apollo Brown)
  7. Before I Chose You (feat. Parade) (prod. by Wontel)
  8. Pray (Extended) (feat. Jeremiah Bligen) (prod. by J. Rhodan)
  9. Can’t Tell Time (prod. by Agee Boy)
  10. Smoke and Fire (feat. Stef Silva) (prod. by Carnegie)

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