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Brinson is without question one of the most unique artists in CHH. Over the last 6 years he has impacted the genre with smash singles like Solar Powered, Don’t Rap No More, Hit the Floor and most recently Last Time ft Uncle Reece. Most of Brinson’s smash singles have been accompanied by hot videos that have all been pleasure to watch . Kingdom Time Media recently caught up with Brinson for a quick chop up.

KT. How did Godchaserz come about and what does it consist of?
BR. It was birthed around 2004 It just started as a production company. I just wanted to make better production for the CHH movement. Then in 2005 we started adding artist to the label and producing for them. GodChaserz consist of myself, ReadyWriter and Cstraight
KT.  What’s the CHH scene like in Jacksonville?

BR. I believe it’s the best scene in our genre. We not only have a great number of artist, we have the best music video company in the game Space Cherry Films, also we have the Straight & Narrow boutique in downtown Jacksonville. Many ministries in our city support the movement of Christian Rap so on any given weekend we can have up to 5 concerts at once.

The body here really support each other like no where else i’ve ever been. So God is good in Jacksonville!
KT. Name 5 of your current favorite CHH artists.
BR. Cstraight 2. ReadyWriter  3. MouthPi3ce 4. Dre Murray 5. Dmuab
KT. Name any CHH or secular Hip Hop artist was a big inspiration to you
BR. I’d have to go with Stephen Wiley he was the first guy I ever heard, then i was a big fan of Corey Red and Precise, RSwift, Ackdavis and I’ll throw some Wu-Tang in there.
KT. Are there any artists who you would especially like to collab with?
BR. Oh yea i’d love to do a song with T.Haddy, Detick Haddon, B. Rieth,  Flame, & Social Club
KT. What advice would you give young artists who are trying to break through in the genre?
BR. Make sure your at events like FlavorFest, Kingdom Choice Awards, Legacy so you can learn about what your getting into. Keep your heart on the mission that God has given you. Do everything in excellence, so you don’t make excuses for anything ( your craft, artwork, mixing etc) SAVE YOUR MONEY and Chase GOD.
KT. Do have any concerns with the present CHH genre?
BR. I have many concerns that I take into my prayers. I just want people to be about souls and stand up for the Word of God. Im praying these artist don’t follow the trends of what they think is working. God’s plan for their ministry is better than what they think. We all need to blow Jesus up man, making His name famous.
KT. What’s next for Brinson?

BR. I just signed a new deal with a label that i’m partnering up with called Save The City. I am doing more albums this year. One including a group album with the whole GodChaserz crew entitled “All The King’s Men” we have a single out now called “Where You Are” featuring my homie Big Fil. I have more big announcements coming but I can’t say at the moment. Just more ministry! Follow me on twitter @Brinson_OMG and like my page on facebook to keep up. Thank you for this opp to share with you guys.

Check out the music video for the powerful single ‘Last Time’ Ft Uncle Reece


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