Big Fil Album

Album Credits:

1. Hear Me(Prod. By EPIK The Dawn)
2. The Growth(Prod. By T. Jonez)
3. Work ft. Beleaf(Prod. By jRHDN)
4. Balboa ft Jeremiah and K. Starr(Prod. By T. Jonez)
5. Ashes and Dust(Prod. By EPIK The Dawn)
6. Jaelyn’s Journal(Prod. By T. Jonez)
7. Bring the Beat Back(Prod. By Mozaic)
8. Higher ft Erick Dayz(Prod. By T. Jonez)
9. Life or Death ft. Kuhrizma(Prod. By T. Jonez)
10. Get it(Prod. By T. Jonez)

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Jaelyn Burks
(941) 545-8718 Cell
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