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[Hot Music] ‘Alone Tonight’ by @RadikalHughes Feat. Bizzle & Sevin


Radikal Hughes’ “Alone Tonight” is a deep introspective heart felt hip-hop track featuring Sevin and Bizzle. Beat production by Kajmir Royale.

“Alone Tonight” describes how each artist has personally felt the pain of abandonment and isolation in their life, and will make you reflect on the times where you have personally felt the pain of those feelings as well. “Alone Tonight” also depicts that with a relationship with Christ and a healthy relationship with the body of Christ that you don’t have to be alone!

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[Hot Music] ‘Pawns’ by @SoVocab


SoVocab…look out for this dude!

Rapper / Singer Giovanni Pabon a.k.a. SoVocab is releasing his first studio album entitled Pawns on November 25th 2014. The album title comes from the realization that while many strive to be the Kings and Queens that God has called us to be, so many inevitably end up becoming Pawns. We fall victim to the perception of what it means to be a real man or a real woman as set forth by society. Consequently, our communities are destroyed and our loved ones are misguided. At the root of it all is sin.

With sometimes shocking transparency, Sovocab paints a picture for the listener of how he, himself, was a Pawn and how grace is drawing him back to Royalty. Pawns is currently available for Itunes pre-Order for the discounted price of $4.99. All pre-orders will instantly receive two tracks from the project, the title track “Pawns” and “Game of Thrones”.

Pawns will be available via digital platforms on November 25th 2014

Streaming Link for First Single – Pawns

Artist: SoVocab
Album: Pawns
Release Date : November 25th 2014
Itunes PreOrder :
Label: ChurchBoy Clothing Entertainment @CbClothing
City: Boston
State: MA
Twitter : @SoVocab @CbClothing

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[Free Album] ‘Next Exit’ by Big Fil *****

Big Fil Album

Album Credits:

1. Hear Me(Prod. By EPIK The Dawn)
2. The Growth(Prod. By T. Jonez)
3. Work ft. Beleaf(Prod. By jRHDN)
4. Balboa ft Jeremiah and K. Starr(Prod. By T. Jonez)
5. Ashes and Dust(Prod. By EPIK The Dawn)
6. Jaelyn’s Journal(Prod. By T. Jonez)
7. Bring the Beat Back(Prod. By Mozaic)
8. Higher ft Erick Dayz(Prod. By T. Jonez)
9. Life or Death ft. Kuhrizma(Prod. By T. Jonez)
10. Get it(Prod. By T. Jonez)

Link for album:

Jaelyn Burks
(941) 545-8718 Cell
Download Big Fil’s latest single Gucci, Louis, Prada on iTunes today!
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