[Knowledge] Transparent’s 5 Golden Nuggets for the Indie Artist


5 Golden Nuggets For The Indie Artist by Transparent

Here are 5 Golden Nuggets that will definitely help you on your journey, no matter what stage of your career you are in:

1) Define SUCCESS for yourself. It will keep you more FOCUSED and help you when setting GOALS.

2) REMEMBER…preparation is NEVER a waste of time. When opportunity knocks, calls, tweets…BE READY!

3) Plan ahead…way ahead. Set goals. Create deadlines. Then execute the plan. After you execute, evaluate what you did.

4) Invest in yourself before you expect others to invest in you. Don’t be “handout” thirsty.

5) Cultivate the relationships you already have established. Don’t be quick to jump ship or burn bridges for that NEW opportunity.

Implement this information and witness the transformation of your career.

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