LECRAE Checks his critics!


Since Lecrae’s rise to fame and fortune, not only as his fan base grown but his critics have too. Lecrae recently posted this statement on his facebook fan page and all I could do in response was repost with a resounding #SMH.


‘Am I in the illuminati? Selling out? Using the church for financial gain? Unfortunately this dominating some people’s time. All the while that child above in Haiti REALLY should be dominating our prayers. All the circumstances in North Korea, abortion, sex trafficking, unregenerate souls across the globe and the motives of a musician are a big topic? Kinda disappointed to hear that. I’m Too focused on real issues, real life to worry about speculation. I don’t even get bothered anymore by the slander and gossip. What am sposed to say? They’re lying? They don’t know me? So people can say “he’s lying trying to cover it up!” Meh. Seen this before. The Son of man came eating and drinking and…you know the rest. I just want us focusing on what REALLY matters and it’s not speculating about whether I’m in a secret society. (I am a member at the local library though) I know everyone isn’t worried about that or me for that matter. Some people could care less. I’m posting this KNOWING there will 86546774466 ugly responses, debaters, and social media police attacks. (Can’t wait to not read them) but it’s all good. I love Jesus and some people don’t want that to be true. Sorry to disappoint you. Now if YOU love Jesus…you got work to do out there and it ain’t speculating about the sincerity of your brothers and sisters. To all the supporters I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU! More than you know! Your posts, letters of encouragement, and stories have gotten me thru many a hard time and literally have CHANGED MY LIFE. IM a lil choked up writing that. 11Six for life!’

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Reggae Gospel artist ‘St.Matthew’ Feeding The Poor.

St matthew

New York (NY) – Kingdom Time Ministries is joining forces with reggae recording artist St Matthew and the Readyback team in a love driven effort to feed and clothe some of the homeless in Kingston Jamaica. The Downtown Kingston section of Jamaica is one of the most impoverished places in the world. Desperation and poverty is one of the main reasons why Kingston Jamaica has the third highest murder rate in the world.
Kingdom Time CEO Marcus Hall said “Anyone who knows me knows I’ve always had a heart for outreach. After watching one of St Matthews food drive videos I was moved to join forces with him in his efforts. Being homeless in the United States and being homeless in Kingston Jamaica is two totally different situations. The Jamaican government have very little resources to help the poor and many of them are left to fend for themselves“.

St.Matthew is reaching out to those who have a giving heart, to be a blessing to this effort by making a donation. The donation deadline is March 28th 2014. The ‘Love Seed’ mission is scheduled for March 2014 and Marcus Hall will be heading to Jamaica to partake in the ground work with the Readyback team. We appreciate all the help we can get and we know God will bless all who sow into this mission.

God bless.

Donations can also be made via paypal to (

Check out this “Food Drive” docu-promo showing St.Matthew feeding the homeless on Christmas Day

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