Two years ago my heart broke. I was 6 songs in on my next album and my computer screen went black. Then these words popped up, “computer error”.
I tried everything to get it going again but couldn’t.

I was so frustrated I nearly gave up on music. It took me a minute to get my mind straight but I did and ponied up for a new computer. Starting from scratch I’ve been preparing for my first full release in 2 years.

A couple months ago I was able to salvage the dying hard drive from my old computer. I turned it into an external drive and went to digging for lost files. I’d search here, search there then quit. Oh well, I give up.

A few days ago I dusted off my old drive and plugged her up again in search of some more files. I ran across an audio folder I hadn’t seen before. As if it was purposely hiding from me.

I clicked on the folder and like Drake I was screaming 6!!! Yes, the 6 tracks from 2 years ago I had left for dead.

The last time I heard these songs I was greeted with the message “Computer Error”. So what idea would be better than packaging these songs under the same title that had them elude me.

All things happen for a reason. Make the most of it. Make HISstory!!!

GET The “Error” EP now!!!

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