Ruslan ‘Do For One’ Album Cover, Tracklisting & Release Date


Ruslan ‘Do For One’ Album Cover, Tracklisting & Release Date.


1. Intro – produced by JRHON & DJ Rek
2. Insomniac Dreams – produced by Anthony Cruz
3. Time – produced by Anthony Cruz
4. The Game Don’t Wait (feat. John Givez) – produced by Wontel
5. Packing Light (feat. Dream Junkies) – produced by Anthony Cruz
6. Arrogance (feat. Beleaf, Curtiss King, Jamon) – produced by DJ Rek
7. New Age Slave (feat. ABIV) – produced by Anthony Cruz
8. If there was no god (feat. Josh Carey) – produced by Bam Beatz
9. Do for One – produced by Antony Cruz
10. Wake up (feat. Kyra De’nae & Ray Alexis) – produced by Ray Rock
11. Good Thing (feat. Ray Rock) – produced by Bam Beatz
12. My Love (feat. Mia Hunt) – produced by Ray Rock
13. Seeing is (feat. Cuts by NomiS) – produced by DJ Rek

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