Dirty Water

[Free Download] ‘Dirty Water’ by @SoVocab



Departing from his usual creative repertoire, SoVocab is taking his music deeper and closer to home with a new mixtape called Vanni Trews – a play on his name (Vanni) and his goal of unparalleled honesty (Trews or Truths). Using Vanni as his alter ego, SoVocab is offering a deeper look into the mind of the man behind “Pawns.” The Vanni Trews project will address his thoughts and struggles in a more direct and personal level than ever before with projects ranging from his infidelity to his outright shortcomings in life.


Vanni Trews speaks to the truths of being a Christian in the modern world while pulling no punches on that reality. The album features a number of different sounds, each reflecting the wide range of emotions and experiences that have influenced SoVocab. Whether this is a standalone project, or if Vanni will become a new chapter in SoVocab’s musical career is unknown but it’s clear that this project is not to be missed.


SoVocab’s first project “Pawns” was released on all digital outlets in November of 2014 and debuted at #66 on Itunes Hip Hop charts. Vanni Trews is a free download available via Noisetrade.

Download the Full project here


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