Each Soul Longs For God

[Press]“Each Soul Longs For God” – By Donielle (formerly Donielle Rodwell)

Each Soul Album Cover

“Each Soul Longs For God” A New Single By Donielle Houston Reminds Us That Civic and Civil Unrest Don’t Dissuade Our Purpose To Deeply Seek and Know God

(October 2017, Philadelphia, Pa) – Day by day, the world is becoming more self serving and scary as people focus more on their whims and wants and accessibility to just about anything you can imagine becomes more common. We’ve lost sight of what God wants for us and simply who He is. Donielle’s new single, “Each Soul Longs For God” available on October 27, speaks about the truth in the song’s title illuminating the way to a peace that many of us don’t even realize we are missing.

Written in from inspiration that she sites is straight from the Lord, Donielle, previously Donielle Rodwell, hopes to engage people both inside and out of the church who feel that they are living with a void that they are constantly seeking to fill. She feels that there’s never been a more appropriate time to release this song. Our world being in both civil and civic unrest, it’s easy to see people losing track of the fact that we and our brothers and sisters around us, no matter the color or creed, are divinely purposed creations. Our hearts long for God and without His presence, we enter a spiraling path of self seeking. With this song, Donielle intends to create a conversation about what the need for God actually looks like and the testimony of His presence in the the world and in her life personally. Her desire is to share this continuous change with anyone who is willing to listen and realizes they are in a deep-seated search for truth and healing.

“Each Soul Longs For God” will be available on October 27, 2017 at, iTunes, Google Play Music, and Amazon Music. Donielle hopes that this song, among those to be released will help listeners begin to engage the soul-deep longing that they have and realize that it is only God who can bring them true fulfillment, clarity, and peace.

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