I’m Just Being Me

[Hot Album] “I’m Just Being Me” by Big Fil



Jacksonville based rapper  Big Fil, recently released a his sophomore album titled “I’m Just Being Me“. Please don’t hesitate, the dude is a problem!

IJBM Tracklist:

1. New Lights (produced by Cartier Jones)
2. What We Talking Bout ft. D-Maub (produced by Norman Michael aka C-Life)
3. Ashes and Dust (produced by Epik Beats)
4. The Blood ft. Josh Lowman (produced by Produced by Ray Baker for SoundH Music)
5. Memoirs ft. Angel (produced by Natra)
6. Basic ft. Brinson, Tjuan and Fella (produced by Cartier Jones)
7. I Been Here ft. Champ (produced by Fred Council)
8. Worship Over Swag ft. Dre Murray and Roy Tosh (produced by I Am Supe)
9. Ceilings (produced by Cartier Jones)
10. O’ Holy Night (produced by Co-Captains)
11. Gucci Louie Prada (produced by Norman Michael aka C-Life)
12. Forever I Will ft. Mario Bennett (produced by Big Juice)

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Check out the “New Lights” music video

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