[Breaking News] Lavoisier Calls out Jahaziel to a debate!


 Lavoisier Calls Out Jahaziel


New York (NY) – Just moments ago popular rapper, writer and vlogger, Lavoisier called out Jahaziel to a public debate live on his popular “Grow The Heck Up”  Periscope show. Jahaziel who recently renounced Christianity, just hours ago, published a freestyle video on his Facebook page in which he openly took shots at Christian beliefs. This video obviously provoked Lavoisier to challenge Jahaziel to defend his assumed, new found Egyptology doctrine in an online public debate. Lavoisier in a message to Jahaziel said “Come get this work!” 

Click link below to watch the “Grow The Heck Up” periscope video

Lavoisier calls out Jahaziel to a open debate “Come Get This Work!”


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