K Drama

K-Drama to be honored at KCA 2021


Kingdom Choice Awards is excited to announce that Christian Hip Hop veteran K-Drama will be the 2021 KCA honorary recipient. KCA CEO, Marcus Hall said “It is a honor and a privilege to honor such a sincere and humble brother such as K-Drama. He is truly one of the unsung heroes of CHH.

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K-Drama to Release Wish It Was Sooner Project May 12th, 2014.



(Cincinnati, OH) – K-Drama is releasing his 2nd project post his departure from Cross Movement Records, titled, Wish It Was Sooner. A follow-up to K-Drama’s critically acclaimed, Winds & .Waves, Wish It Was Sooner, is a 12 track anthology of unreleased songs recorded between 2005-2013.  There is a unique story behind the delay or omitting of each track from previous projects; “Dealing With Pain,” featuring Dre Murray, was one of the first songs prepared for a duo album the two were working on in 2007 while, “Came Along Way,” was submitted to Holy Hip Hop Music for the Behind The Glory project, but not used.  Wish It Were Sooner,  will also have guest appearances from Pettidee, Bumps Inf, Young Joshua & Charde Jones, as well as production credits from Tone Jonez, B of 4Sight Sounds & K-Drama himself.

Wish It Were Sooner, doesn’t deviate from K-Drama’s topical norms, his transparent, introspective verses shine throughout this project. He candidly speaks about the politics & disappointments he’s experienced in the Christian Rap genre on, “My Life Is Humbling;” his struggle with time management on, “So Many Distractions;” and urbanizes a version of the 150th Psalm on, “Excellent Greatness”.  Sonically, this collection follows K-Drama’s signature sound, bass-heavy soundscapes with bright synth-driven melodies.

This album will be available for free download, May 12th, 2014.  The 1st single, “Stadium Praise Varsity Remix,” is garnering great reviews.  A busy summer is ahead for K-Drama, including a promo tour within the United States, aiding his artist and wife, Charde Jones with the production of her debut album, and completing a free EP consisting of all new music entitled, Whetherman, all scheduled to release summer 2014.

For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please e-mail Regis Jones at or call 513-884-2142.

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