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AON – Initiation – Front Cover (1)
January 29, 2016 – SBS Music Label is pleased to announce the signing of recording artist A.O.N (All Or Nothing). The Lakeland, Florida-based label and the Calgary, Alberta-based emcee came to an agreement over a very lengthy Google Hangout from a little over 2,300 miles away (oh, the power of the internet). I think it is safe to say this signing was meant to happen. The conversation actually started as a meet-and-greet and steadily turned into a negotiation. Both sides were on the same page with literally everything we were trying to do separately. Separate no more.
A.O.N was actually on SBS Music Label’s radar for quite a few years before the signing. His album By Any Means Necessary, released in October 2015, really caught our ears. We feel that with us working together we can make more of an impact on who we are trying to reach (anyone with an ear to listen). A.O.N is also a great compliment to our roster alongside SYD and DJ OneNine. The experts will
tell you it is 10% talent and 90% grind and hustle… A.O.N has that 100% in our eyes. He plans to release 2 EP albums in 2016 with SBS Music Label.
SBS Music Label’s Founder & CEO Mike “Verse” Mills explains, “I really wasn’t looking to expand our artist roster at the time of talking with A.O.N, but after hearing his heart, seeing his passion for Jesus Christ, and feeling his grind to reach the lost… I have to work with this guy!”
A.O.N. reveals, “At the time I wasn’t looking for a label. Everything just seemed to fall into place after speaking with Verse. My mission has always been to convey the Gospel through my music, and in a day and age where Christ is taking the back seat in “Christian” rap, it was refreshing to meet a team that was focused on keeping Christ front and center. I knew after hearing the hearts of
the artists involved that this was home for me. I’m excited to grow with the SBS team and share the Gospel of Christ Jesus through music, for the Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation for all who believe.”
A.O.N and SBS Music Label have released a free single entitled “Initiation” available for download on SoundCloud “Initiation” was Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Mike “Verse” Mills for Snack Bar Sounds.
“SBS Music Label’s future looks very bright with projects coming from A.O.N and SYD in 2016. Our primary focus has always been on ministry and artistry and we will continue with that mindset. Blessings.”, Mike “Verse” Mills
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