Serious Voice – SOS 2020

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NY, NY–Brooklyn rapper Serious Voice has released a new music video and single called “S.O.S 2020,” tackling police brutality from the perspective of the Black woman. The socially conscious song is a remix of the track on her debut album Shofar, produced by Mr.L of MooreBeats Studio.
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[Video Replay] Good Fight Coalition: VERSES Fundraiser Event

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On Saturday August 15th, Good Fight Coalition presented their first fundraiser event titled “VERSES”. The event was streamed live on Facebook and Instagram and was a huge success. It was an amazing event which hosted three, two round match ups of six NYC Christian Hip Hop veterans and heavy hitters. This was a very entertaining night! Check it out!

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Good Fight Coalition – A CHH MOVEMENT


Our communities have been asking for change for quite some time, and quite frankly asking hasn’t worked. Therefore, a faith-based collective of hip hop artists, media personalities, and activists formed a movement called the GOOD FIGHT COALITION in order to effect change through activism in black and brown communities

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LECRAE: The Road to Restoration: Part 1 | The Dreamer

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The Road to Restoration is a behind the scenes look at the making of Lecrae’s new album and season of recovery. It’s easy to think that life gets easier the more successful you get. But, the more successful I became the more I had to fight for something I couldn’t maintain. It broke me. But it also opened the door for me to be restored. Restoration is ongoing… an endless pursuit towards accepting what God has for you and trusting Him to lead you to what’s ahead. It is the key essential for life. #TheRoadToRestoration #Lecrae

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