Andy Mineo takes a shot at Bizzle?



New York (NY) – Andy Mineo took a shot at Bizzle? Well not exactly.  What triggered the rumor on social media was a recent article published by EWW magazine which headlined ‘Shame: Andy Mineo Criticizes Bizzle’s Brilliant ‘Same Love’ Response Rap‘. 
The author of the article expressed his disappointment with Andy’s response to the interviewers question about Bizzle’s lyrical response to Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ song. The author indirectly implied that Mineo chose to be politically correct rather than use the opportunity to support his fellow Christian artist in his stance on the biblical perspective on homosexuality.
Since the release of the article and the video interview which took place on NBC’s ‘The Grio’, many have expressed their opinions on the matter. Some have criticized Andy, while others have come to his defense.
Watch Interview below:
After watching the interview, my personal opinion is, I don’t think Andy said anything wrong. I believe his answer to the question was an honest opinion with a clear explanation. However, I can see how some may think Mineo gave a politically safe answer and compromised his stance on the general topic.
Bizzle responded to the interview on his Facebook page by saying
“Saw the interview; definitely don’t think Andy Mineo dissed me, just didn’t support. We just rock differently. They’re them, we’re us. #GOM”
Let’s continue to  pray for love and unity to abound in the body of Christ.
Listen to Bizzle ‘Same Love’ response record here:
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