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Am I Wrong (Free Album)

Better known by his former stage name “MaRLo”, Marlon “ikilledmarlon” Vincent (born December 17th), is an up-and-coming rapper, singer, songwriter, but primarily known as an engineer for artists such as Social Club, Swade, nobigdyl, SPZRKT, Beleaf, Sam Stan, Dre Murray, Asaiah Ziv, ABIV and many more.

Born and raised in Hollywood, Florida, ikilledmarlon never expected that his journey in life would be where it is now.

Motivated by his faith his mission statement in music is simple “inspire hope and provoke change.”

Album Bio:

When one asks “Am I Wrong” the typical response would be, “about what?” Often times we want to do what’s “right” but tend to do what “feels good” in the moment and for peace of mind we justify it asking questions such as “Is it wrong that?” or “Am I wrong for?” … “Because…” This album is is story of failed relationships, sex, drugs, alcoholism and the conflict it causes in one internally. My hope is to create dialogue about these justifications through personal testimony.

Track List:

Act 1: The Addiction

  1. The Euphoria [produced by KrissiO]
  2. Under The Influence ft. nobigdyl [produced by SuperstaarBeats]

Act 2: The Temptation

III. Forbidden Love [produced by Andre.On.Beat.]

  1. The Language [produced by Canary Julz]
  2. Sasha’s Interlude [produced by Andre.On.Beat.]

Act 3: The Regret

  1. The Meaning ft. Shiwan [produced by Ado The God x LJ]

VII. The Other Interlude ft. Jordan Nitchoff [produced by Ado The God]

VII. The Realization (Skit)

  1. Temporary Forever’s ft. Levi Hinson [produced by Canary Julz]

Act 4: The Declaration

  1. Angels Pt. III [produced by CMPLX]
  2. The Remedy ft. rxmn [produced by Andre.On.Beat.]

XII. The Outro (Nothing More) [produced by CMPLX]

Released: May 6th, 2016

Social Media:

Twitter: @ikilledmarlon

Instagram: @ikilledmarlon

Snapchat: @ikilledmarlon

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