[Press] Serious Voice’ single place in Spike Lee Netflix series


New York (NY) – Brooklyn artist Serious Voice has been tapped by Film Director Spike Lee for a placement in his She’s Gotta Have It Movie for TV series to air on Netflix this Fall. Her “Woah” song with collaborating artist Mr.C is featured on her newly released Shofar album under Serious PPL Music/MooreBeats.

Not your average inspirational song, Woah is a breath of fresh air, with a dash of worship, attitude, and realness.

Said Serious Voice: “The basis of the song is that we don’t achieve success on our own merit, there’s a definite higher being who seeks to bless us. When that door opens or awesome thing happens, it automatically has us saying something like a ‘woah.'”

Woah showcases the artists’ ability to sing a strong alto unabashedly and Radio Personality Mr. C joins her on the third verse for an explosive climax.

This “urban worship” track produced by So Fo Real, is bound to resonate with many and lead them into true worship.


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