New York (NY) – Well if you haven’t heard by now, the 7th Annual Kingdom Choice Awards was nothing short of epic! Organizers anticipated a box office sellout and that’s exactly what it was. The Kumble Theater was packed with CHH fans from New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta and even as far as California.

The KCA production team headed by Kingdom Time Ent CEO, Marcus Hall presented a top notch production that displayed Christian Hip Hop & Urban Gospel in true excellence.

The 2016 host was up and coming actor/comedian/singer, C-King. Most people had little knowledge of who he was. However, after the event was over, C-King won the hearts of everyone in the crowd. He had the audience crying with laughter as he delivered spontaneous humor and spot on imitations of President Obama, Denzel Washington,Kevin Hart and 50 Cent. KCA fans are already demanding a C-King encore for the 2017 KCA.


The performance roster featured up and coming potential heavy hitters such as, Black Jewelz, Franky Bells, CJ King, Mission and Jered Sanders whom all delivered great performances (Look out for the footage coming soon).

Other performances on the night were by New York top hitters C.H.R.I.S., Angie Rose and Nyth Inning. C.H.R.I.S. blessed the audience with a powerful performance of his single “Freedom feat. Kadeem Nichols“. Angie Rose delivered a strong poetical performance and represented for the ladies to the fullest. Nyth Inning had one of the most energetic performances of the night. He performed his hard hitting single “W.H.A.T“, which was delivered with the backing of a special effects screen and intelligent lighting, it was something to witness.


Other top spitters were Big Fil and D-Will. D-Will delivered a strong performance as always and added some creativity to his set by adding a auto tuned microphone for his second song. The brother has great stage presence. The homie Big Fil?…well what can we say? This brother has to be the most consistent artist when it comes to live performance and stage presence. He performed a new song titled “Silent Night” for the privileged KCA audience. This performance was so powerful. You could feel the presence of God heavy! (look out for the video).


The night would proceed with performances by the heavy hitters Bizzle, Datin, Eshon Burgundy and 2016 KCA honoree Flame.

All of the heavy hitters did their thing! Bizzle and Datin delivered a dope set for the KCA audience which had quite a few people donning God Over Money shirts. Bizzle opened up with his new single “We Here Now” and had the crowd rocking. The set ended with Datin’s smash single “Hallelujah All Day“which had the whole place lit.


NFTRY general, Eshon Burgundy,also delivered a strong performance. His signature, laid back, lyrically potent delivery had fans and patrons mesmerized.

There were two special tributes for the night. The first tribute was for the late DJ Official who passed away last month. Hot 97 heavy hitter DJ Tony Tone saluted Official and delivered a turntable mix in memory of a DJ who was a blessing to the genre. It was a somber but powerful moment.


The second tribute was the farewell tribute to the iconic event Rap Fest. This was another highlight of the night. The tribute was presented by CHH veteran Todd Bangz. Bangz spoke about the early days of Rap Fest and shared a few personal memories. A video depicting the Rap Fest history was presented. The presentation was truly heartfelt and moved some audience members to tears.

The tribute ended with an official East Coast style cypha consisting of veterans Todd Bangz, Pryzna, female rapper, Daarinah and freestyle genius, Richard Dauphin. It was super dope!


Bert Bocachica accepted the tribute trophy by displaying his own lyrical skills by delivering a wisdom filled, acapella. So classy!


The honoree of the night was CHH veteran Flame. The honor was presented by the man who is known as “The Godfather of CHH“, Sir Mike Peace. After the video presentation Flame walked to the podium, received his award and delivered a profound speech. ( Stay tuned for the official KCA footage). What Flame said was so powerful and relevant to the place and time we are in, Kingdom Time Media will be producing the speech for all to see. Flame went on to perform his single “What U Mean“. Die hard Flame fans rapped along with him word for word, it was short but it was a blessing!


In true Kingdom Choice Awards tradition, the night ended in worship. The final performance of the night was delivered by recording artist Melissa Dawn. Like a true worshiper, she led the the people of God into worship. It was a beautiful thing to see all of these urban worshipers with hands lifted up, giving God all the glory.


Kingdom Time Ent CEO, Marcus Hall gave the closing statements, thanked the  audience, shared his heart on a few things, gave a word of encouragement, prayed it out and the KCA audience said a resounding “Amen”. The KCA experienced was over, like a beautiful dream you didn’t want to wake up from.


This years KCA was the 7th annual. This was truly a special and significant year for the event. This year solidified that the Kingdom Choice Awards is an event that is special and ordained by GOD. Marcus Hall and has struggled over the years to do the event. With little little to no financial backing and lacking the genuine support of other platforms in the Christian Hip Hop. However, the Kingdom Choice Awards has become a monumental event in the CHH space and no one can get the glory but GOD!

The KCA would like to acknowledge our 2016 sponsors. Much love and respect to our featured sponsor Mrs Natasha Richburg, CEO of Jeremiah’s Kall. Without you there would not have been a KCA this year. May God bless you richly!

Thanks to Ms Ursula Brown, CEO of ILAEA, Abner Torres, CEO of Out of the Darkness Designs, Mr C of Yes Hour Radio, Donnie “D-Maub” Harper, CEO of GOOD Company Apparel, Seb Young of and DJ Wade-O,CEO of

Stay tuned for the 2016 KCA footage coming to Kingdom Time Media.

Check out a tiny snippet of a little of what you missed!

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