Soul Rebel

[News] John Givez “Soul Rebel” album cover & Track Listing



The highly anticipated “Soul Rebel” album by Dream Junkies heavy hitter “John Givez” is now available for pre-order…If you heard his last album “Four Seasons” you can only imagine how serious this new album is going to be.

Track Listing

1. Intro(lude) (prod. by Jruckers)
2. Elementary Trill (prod. by Anthony Cruz & Ruslan)
3. 2004 (prod. by DJ Rek & Wontel)
4. Da Art of Story Tellin’ Pt. 5 (prod. by DJ Rek & Wontel)
5. Playaz Inheritance (prod. by Jruckers & Dav D)
6. Johnny Law (Green Light) (feat. Gracy Breslin) (prod. by Anthony Cruz)
7. AM/PM (feat. Beleaf) (prod. by Anthony Cruz)
8. A Playaz Change of Heart (feat. JGivens) (prod. by Jruckers & DJ Rek)
9. Chapter 29 (prod. by Jruckers & DJ Rek)
10. Sandman (Song) (feat. Ruslan) (prod. by DJ Rek & Kerry Marshall)
11. Ride 4 Me? (feat. Kiki) (prod. by DJ Rek & Anthony Cruz)
12. Generation (Y) (prod. by Major)
13. Will Not Be Televised (prod. by Jruckers & Lere)
14. Outro(lude) (prod. by Jruckers)
15. Rebel Credits (prod. by Anthony Cruz)

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